All About…. What I Know Noww

Let Me Tell You A Little About Myself…

I’m Taylor (No, not Swift) and I’m a senior in college (FINALLY) majoring in Communication Studies  minoring in Advertising and specializing in #SocialMedia at Rowan University in New Jersey. Although…the whole social media part has gone beyond a “specialization” … most people will tell you it’s more like an “obsession.”

I spend most of my time at Rowan, where the majority of people ask me on a regular basis, “How do you do it?” — without exaggerating I don’t know how I do either. I have a crazy awesome GPA, I was elected President of the Communications Studies Club for the ’13-’14 academic school year, I’m one of the Commuter Leader’s of Rowan University, AND I currently have an amazing internship this semester with The Cooper Foundation: Cooper University Health Care, as the Communications Intern. Sometimes, when I’m lucky, I have a moment to see my friends, update my twitter, and eat some food. So, yes, I totally understand why people think I’m crazy.

^ Check it out, it makes me feel accomplished when I see that people actually view it ^

People love pictures. So here I am…

I stopped in the middle of Broadway in NYC to take a selfie & that is totally normal for me.


Bet you didn’t think I looked that did you? I get that a lot. People seem to think that you can only be smart and driven if you’re (And I say this with all do respect)… ugly & you can only be pretty if you’re dumb. Yes, I did just call myself pretty and smart. No, I am not conceited. I am telling the truth.

Oh yea, I have two kids …

ellie and charlie

My babies: Ellie (left), Charlie (right) … Proud mother of two!

So, you’re probably wondering what we’re all about …

What I Know Now...” was designed, because I think it’s safe to say, with every new experience comes a new gained knowledge. This new gained knowledge should be shared, so that we can all learn a little something from everyone else’s experiences. Maybe you learned designing a blog is harder than you thought, or that cereal is $5 a box (WHAT?!), or you came to the realization that blondes really aren’t dumb! So learn from the mistakes and accomplishments of a twenty-something year old know-it-all & maybe you’ll remember my advice next time you decide to use Sun-In…

It turns your hair orange. Yup. True story…

Think you know something I don’t?!

Drop me a line or leave me a comment anywhere on the blog!


@ttayl0r & @whatiknownoww


@ttaylor_the_sailor & @whatiknownoww



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