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My startup, backpac, has an amazing social media associate who is just absolutely killing it! Check out her latest blog post and head on over to

High-Rise Low Life

Happy Humpday Friends!

I hope y’all have been having a fabulous Wednesday thus far. It’s been a crazy week for me (what else is new) with lots of hours at the office, classes, assignments, and a small bout of the flu over the weekend. While I was in bed recovering, it gave me a lot of time to binge a few shows on Netflix, nap, and of course, aimlessly peruse the internet.

While browsing the web, I came across a bunch of random links that I thought I would share with you. No theme here folks, just whatever my weird little heart was drawn to.


1) “Checked & Mate” from Roaring Twentys

My lovely friend from Her Campus uOttawa and fellow blogger wrote a great piece on one of my favourite fall fashion staples: plaid. I haven’t gone a day this season without wearing my plaid Blanket Scarf from…

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