Reflection of my roaring 20’s

20 Things I Did In My Twenties…


In high school everyone told me to cherish that time because it would be the best time of my life, then in college, I realized they lied and I thought that was the best time, then after college I traveled, and that was definitely some of the best times! Let’s keep it going 30’s!

So I would like to share what I did with my 20’s in no particular order:

1.) I did an internship with the National Park Service. I had a lot of jobs, and never a career. I have dabbled at being crafty/creative, making necklaces.

2.) I graduated with my bachelor’s, although a waste of money, it’s still something I finished in my 20’s.

3.) I finally became a trader in the green (literally and figuratively as I own a lot of MJ stocks)

4.) I have volunteered time at both domestic and wildlife rescues, and even…

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