#selfie: Dear Millennials


An open letter to my own generation meant to ease my own anxieties.


In the latest news, The Pope dropped the F Bomb (accidentally); Obama faces off against Putin with much third-party advice and a pending war in the Ukraine; Ellen Degeneres, the first openly gay female star to host the Oscars, hosted the Oscars again and decisively made a lot of racial jokes; oh, and Cadillac made this commercial during a time when Americans are still working too hard for their dollar. Anything goes in 2014, guys. And that’s all we really need to remember.

In an age when children were promised the world only to enter a dozen internships and piles of debt before securing a job in adulthood, and when middle-aged Americans were promised retirement only to see their pensions and an entire middle-class dribble down the drain, it seems kind of silly that we would believe…

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